AWS Lambda

Introduction to Lambda

AWS Lambda

  • Introduction to Lambda
  • Introduction to AWS Python SDK Boto3
  • Introduction to serverless computing
  • Benefits of serverless computing
  • Troubleshooting lambda functions using logs
  • Versioning Lambda Functions
  •  Managing Alias and Deployments to different environments
  • Performance tuning lambda functions
  • Passing environment variables to lambda functions
  • Encrypting sensitive information like passwords and access tokens
  • Creating Lambda deployment packages


  • Introduction to Dynamodb & No SQL
  • Difference Between Relational & Non Relational
  • Read Capacity Units (RCU) & Write Capacity Units(WRC)
  • Dynamodb CRUD Operations
  • Partition Keys & Sort Keys
  • Secondary Indexes
  • Global Secondary Indexes
  • DynamoDB Streams
  • DAX Clusters

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